Use your family to help you reach your goals

Courtesy of Alan Kerr, a USANA associate in Canada who referred to Brian Klemmer:

Several options to raise your level of intent for what you want, are:

1) making commitments

2) putting yourself at risk

3) visualization

Let’s go back to your goal as we consider making commitments.  Who have you shared your goals with?  If you haven’t told anyone, then the odds are you want the result, but it isn’t your intent.

If you have children, try this:
Make a commitment to them regarding what you will get done in two weeks.  Now ask them what they want when you get it done in two weeks.  Be sure to negotiate if they ask for something unreasonable!

Explain to them that the family is a team and that everyone has different roles.  Part of your role is to produce and part of their role is to be supportive of you.

If you’re like most parents, you would rather do many uncomfortable things than face your children at the end of two weeks and say, “You don’t get what I promised, because I didn’t get done what I said I would do.”

By committing to your children you have raised and clarified your intent.

Give it a go and share your results with us!


Some business tips for 2011

Some wise words from Rosie Banks:

Mark and I just had our weekly planning meeting. It is amazing how much more focused I feel after discussing with each other our intentions for our businesses.

I have some tips for you, all based on what I have implemented, practice regularly, and endorse heartily.

  1. Have a system for putting everyone you meet in some kind of list or data base. Know how to put your fingers on each and every contact you make. Get those business cards off your desk and get the information into some system.
  2. Make the basics of this business what you do mostly. The fancy stuff is extra. Make approaching people, following up, and leading people through the process the main thing you do. Get better and better at this. There is no arrival point and your skills should be continuously honed.
  3. Be resourceful. Know where you put your fingers on pertinent information that is relevant to the person with whom you are speaking. I just Googled USANA and University of Denver to get the link of the study done with Reset and found this amazing chart. You want to save things like this for future use.
  4. Take 100% responsibility for your business. Life will get in the way. You can count on that. What you can also count on is your ability to make getting to work a priority.
  5. Get really, really, really good at moving people inch by inch through the process. What starts with an approach and can eventually become a thriving member of your team is a series of small moves which you guide. Stage Selling is about one hurdle at a time and only moving someone to the next place.
  6. The comfort zone is over rated. Make it a habit to find what is outside of your comfort zone and within your reach. Learn how to hang out there.
  7. Make your self-development as important as any other aspect of your business.
  8. You don’t get customers or new associates. They do not belong to you. You form relationships with people whom you can serve.
  9. Get help. If you hit a bump, get help.
  10. Communicate more with people with whom you work. Share stuff. Participate. Contribute. Give praise and thanks. Make it a habit. It’s good for your soul and it’s good for your business.

Get more from your sleep

If you think surviving on a few hours of sleep each night can help you get ahead, think again. You need 7-8 hours of sleep. While you rest, your brain catalogues the day’s experiences, primes your memory, and triggers the release of hormones regulating energy, mood, and mental acuity. When you don’t get enough quality sleep, these things suffer.

If so much slumber is impossible, you can extract more brainpower from the hours you do manage to spend sleeping. How? Darken your room completely – close the blinds, turn off the television or computer, and face the clock to the wall. Your brain can sense when it’s dark and time to power down. Too much light can make your brain think it’s not time for sleep at all.

This leadership tip is part of a series leading up to this year’s leadership cruise in aid of The Prince’s Trust when William Montgomery will be discussing such topics with his special guests from the world of media, sport and business.

Sea Cloud II sails from Nice (French Riviera) on 25 May and will call at Elba (Tuscany) and Portofino (Italian Riviera) before returning to Nice on 28 May. All inclusive from just £500 per person.

Go to askten to find out more

What is a third party validation worth? It’s priceless.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
What’s a Third-Party Test Worth? Priceless
There have been a number of articles in the media lately that talk about the real science behind products and whether or not there is a need for third-party validation of their safety and efficacy. Well, it’s an interesting thing to think about. Companies usually do their own in-house due diligence in Research and Development prior to bringing a product to market to make sure that it will do exactly what they say it will do and there are no risks or questionable science associated with it, right? Well, you would certainly hope so. I know of one such company that does and I’m not just saying it — others can back it up!

One of the more interesting things that I have found while working at USANA is the importance of third-party testing and third party validation. Why, you ask? Well, I think that I am a fairly demanding consumer and when I buy something I want to know that it has been tested, validated, and confirmed to be effective at doing what it’s supposed to do. In other words, if I buy an automobile, I’m expecting that someone tested it out, confirmed that it is safe to drive, made sure it worked properly, and did so enough times to ensure that my buying and ownership experience would be a good one.

I use this analogy because I spent 15 years in the auto industry and I know first hand how important validating these things can be especially when people put their lives on the line every time they get in their cars. They need their vehicle to be safe and work properly or they run the risk of accidents or engine failures.

So if car companies do their own research and development, then have people like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Consumer Reports, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, etc. check and confirm these things for consumers, why don’t all other companies do the same for other consumer goods? Well, that’s an easy one. It’s expensive to do these tests and validations and often times result in a higher cost of goods. Sometimes, they’re even afraid that the testing will disprove what they have found and they don’t want to have to deal with the fallout. Many companies do their own in-house testing and believe that it’s sufficient and it also saves them a little bit of money along the way.

Well, if I’m going to put something in my body — the most important automobile that I will ever own — I want to make sure that the company providing the goods has not only done their own testing, but that it goes the distance and get that third-party validation. It’s for my peace of mind 🙂

That’s exactly what I found at USANA and it makes me proud to be a part of the company, but more importantly I feel safe knowing that the supplements I take are safe and effective and there are multiple independent organizations that validate those findings.

But Don’t Just Take My Word for It…
USANA invests in the third-party validations from places like, which tests for label validity in products that are both submitted to them for testing and ones that they purchase on their own for independent test results. Since 1999, CL has tested more than 2,900 products, 350 different brands and nearly every type of popular supplement in order to help consumers and healthcare professionals identify the best quality health and nutrition products. is also the only third-party verification group that freely publishes its testing methods and quality criteria/standards. USANA has had a number of products tested by this organization and all have passed with high marks. We were also recognized as #1 in customer satisfaction in a survey of their consumers.

Another organization that we work with is NSF International, which is the nation’s first truly independent testing standard and product certification program.

Why are they important to us? NSF developed the nation’s first truly independent testing standard and product certification program strictly for dietary supplements. We go the extra mile on this one because of the expectations of all of our consumers and elite athletes, like our 6 winter Olympic Teams and the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) that trust our supplements for their elite athletes.

We also test a number of our products with an organization called HFL in the United Kingdom that tests supplements for banned substances and contamination to assure athletes that they can trust products to be pure and effective when they put them in their body. The testing procedures at HFL are designed to meet the standards set forth by the governing bodies of various sports. You can see our core products tested right here.

Then there are the relationship we have the Linus Pauling Institute at the University of Oregon, The University of Utah, Boston University, University of Sydney, and the University of Colorado Denver. There are also numerous doctors and researchers that we rely on regulary to test products, ingredients, safety, and effectiveness of our products. If you want to check out a pretty substantial list, click here.

The Key is to Do Your Own Due Diligence
The bottom line is that if you are going to buy a car or take a supplement, do your fact finding and see what kinds of third-party testing the companies use and whether or not they are truly independent. It’s one thing to say you’ve done your own testing on a product, but are you willing to invest in the research and testing necessary to validate what you have found?

This is what has drawn so many elite athletes, doctors, celebrities, consumers, etc. to USANA. We do our own aggressive research and development in house, but we also partner with credible resources like the Linus Pauling Institute and more importantly, we take that last step and invest in our findings through third-party testing at institutions like and NSF.

You look for it in a car, why wouldn’t you look for it in something to fuel the most important vehicle you’ll ever drive — Your Body!
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Posted by Dan Macuga at 2/22/2011 12:14:00 PM

Nutritional Supplements – some of the science explained

I responded to Neil’s blog on his blogsite with the following:

Neil’s asked me to elaborate on his blog on Tuesday by explaining some of what I had discussed with him.

As Neil said, he is working his body very hard at the moment and I have the greatest respect for what he is doing. It’s not easy to push yourself to your physical limits and when you’re running a successful, vibrant business at the same time, you have to work incredibly hard physically, mentally and emotionally.

When our bodies are faced with stress, even if it is ‘healthy’ stress from hard exercise, free radical production increases. This means that we need to have a high intake of antioxidants to combat that free radical production.

The official recommendation is to ensure we have 3 – 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. That is in line with the ‘recommended daily allowance’, which is sufficient to ensure that we don’t develop deficiencies, such as Rickets. However, if we want to ensure that we protect our body against long-term chronic deterioration, which is by far the biggest problem we all face today, we need to massively increase our daily intake to the ‘optimum level’ (5 – 10 times the amount of the recommended daily allowance).

Do you eat 15 – 30 portions of fruit and vegetables a day? Probably not – I certainly don’t. Add in the loss of nutrients in the soil causing food not to have the same level of nutrients in it that they did 50/ 60 years ago and you can begin to understand why more and more experts recommend that a healthy lifestyle ought to include daily supplements of multi-vitamins and minerals.

And then we face another issue: when moving to high-dose supplements, we have to be careful to make sure we get good quality products. Vitamins and minerals can have a powerful impact on our bodies and to ensure what we do is genuinely helpful, we have to have the right balance of the individual ingredients, we have to ensure that the ingredients have as little contamination of metals etc. as possible and we have to ensure that the tablets are definitely going to dissolve in our bodies.

USANA Health Sciences, the company that manufacture the supplements that Neil has now decided to take, guarantee all of the above as they manufacture their products to the same standard as pharmaceutical drugs are manufactured. There are only one or two companies in the UK that are able to offer that. By manufacturing to such a high standard, they can guarantee the tablets will dissolve in your stomach in 30 minutes, they source the highest quality ingredients to ensure that they are as pure as possible and they have an extensive team of scientists continously researching to ensure that each vitamin and mineral used is provided in the right quantity and balance to achieve maximum results.

The benefits? Most people notice an increase in energy levels, sleeping better, better recovery times from injury and generally feeling more positive. So, as Neil said – no supplements can avoid him hitting that wall or needing to work hard to get to his goal – but we definitely hope that the USANA supplements will help Neil get to his goal with a little more energy.

If you would like more energy or if you want to achieve a goal like Neil, go to or ring me on 01451 832 206 and find out more.

Good luck Neil – keep peddling!

What’s the performance down to?

Posted by Neil Ryder on 24th February 2011 – he is in training to cycle from John O’Groats to Lands End this year to raise funds for the charities supported by Wootton Bassett Town Rotary Club. Check out more of his blogs at

So five days ago I have my first experience of ‘hitting the wall’. And today, I have my best ride over 14 miles this year (in terms of average speed and average heart rate)!

I know the average speed is affected by so many variables (there’s a great article on this in this month’s Cycling Active Magazine) but it does tend to be the first thing you look at when you get back. But when you combine it with the lowest average heart rate, there’s got to be something significant in there somewhere!

So what’s changed?

* The weather – at 06.30 in the morning! – was noticeably warmer. (It was dry and there was a slight breeze – but that’s no different from many mornings)
* I hadn’t slept any better than on other nights
* I’ve changed my handlebars to a set of butterflies and this was my first ride with them. Butterflies are slightly wider than straights and offer more hand position options (comfort – my main reason for the change). I know that others claim that the wider hand position opens up the chest and makes breathing more easy.
* I’m trying to spin at a slightly higher cadence (90-95 rpm) whilst maintaining a lower heart rate
* I’ve started taking nutritional supplements – see Tuesday’s blog. If they make such a difference so quickly then you have a miracle product on your hands Sandra Kanfer Clarke!

I suppose we’ll never know the true answer to the change in performance – but will it be maintained?

Out of interest, I did my Purton Stoke loop.

Total Distance: 14.7 m
Average Speed: 14.1 mph
Average HR: 121 bpm
Peak HR: 137 bpm

USANA AWARDED #1 OVERALL MERCHANT FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION USANA Also Rated #1 Merchant in Direct Sales Based on Customer Satisfaction in Survey

SALT LAKE CITY – February 2, 2011 – USANA Health Sciences, Inc. (NYSE: USNA), a nutritional supplement company, was recently named the #1 Rated Overall Merchant Based on Customer Satisfaction and the #1 Rated Direct Sales Merchant Based on Customer Satisfaction in the 2011 Survey of Vitamin and Supplement Users., LLC. is a leading provider of independent test results and information.

“We work tirelessly to ensure our customers have the best possible experience with USANA,” says Alan Bergstrom, USANA Vice President of Customer Service. “We are thrilled to receive this honor and recognition from a reputable third-party organization.”

“In the past we’ve received top marks from for the quality of our products,” says Dan Macuga, USANA Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations. “These awards help to demonstrate our total commitment to customer satisfaction—in every area of our business.”

Since 1999, CL has tested more than 2,900 products, 350 different brands and nearly every type of popular supplement in order to help consumers and healthcare professionals identify the best quality health and nutrition products. is also the only third-party verification group that freely publishes its testing methods and quality criteria/standards.

In recent years, has tested and approved USANA’s Chelated Mineral, Mega Antioxidant, Coquinone® 30, and Visionex® supplements, verifying that each product contains the specific amounts of compounds stated on its label. These results support USANA’s claims to following FDA Good Manufacturing Practices while using the highest-quality products possible.

For more information about USANA Health Sciences, visit

For more information about, please visit

About USANA: USANA Health Sciences develops and manufactures high-quality nutritionals, personal care, energy and weight management products that are sold directly to Preferred Customers and Associates throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mexico, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Learn more at our website (, read our blog (, like us on Facebook (, or follow us on Twitter (@usanainc)

For media inquiries, please contact:

Ashley Collins
USANA Director of Marketing, Public Relations & Social Media
(801) 954-7629
Ashley.Collins (at)

Abundance Thinking

Thanks to Pete Zdanis ( for sharing this. Do you think like that?

Abundance Thinking:

You approach every day as a new opportunity to share information about USANA with people you can help.
You realize that not everyone you talk to will be interested in USANA, so you thank those people for their time, ask for referrals, and move on.
You are always motivated and excited by knowing that talking with just one person today could change the lives of thousands of other people for years to come.
You realize that you only need to sponsor 2 or 3 Associates per month to build an extremely successful USANA business and that there are tens of thousands of prospects for you to choose from.
You view every unsuccessful prospect contact as a learning experience, and focus on how you can do better the next time.
Your business building intent is always on how USANA, and you, can help your prospect solve a problem or fill a need.
If something doesn’t work for you, you experiment creatively and try new things that will.
You are always staying up-to-date on the newest USANA business building tools, and give them out willingly, yet carefully, because you know that they are an investment in your business, and your future.
You lead by example and are a role model for others to emulate.
You readily provide support and coaching to receptive, teachable USANA team members, viewing each opportunity to do so as a “win-win” situation.
You view other USANA Associates as team members rather than competitors.
You are always looking for ways to improve yourself as a way to grow your life, grow your business and to better serve others.
You encourage and value the success of USANA crossline Associates, knowing that their efforts are making USANA a stronger company and a more secure business for your team members and you.
You readily tell prospects that they should work with the first person who contacted them about USANA, whenever possible.
You love people and use money.
You know that the only person who can be responsible and accountable for your success is you.

Happy New Year – get started right!

I’d like to welcome you to 2011. I am incredibly excited and looking forward to this year and all it has to offer.
So, to start with, I’d thought I’d share my approach to my life and especially to my business practices and the things I focus on:

My philosophy:
Immerse yourself – Be prepared to learn as much as possible within the first week of activating this system to build your belief.
Trust – take all necessary action to build your trust that this business delivers everything you thought it would, that’s why you signed up.
Confidence – take daily action to build your confidence.
Be confident in USANA
Be confident in MLM
Be confident in the compensation plan
Be confident in yourself
Plan – follow the USANA training module, take half a day to do the e-Apprentice and draw up your 100 names list and continuously update it.
Communicate – make yourself call every single one of those 100 people in the first 4 weeks (ideally, in the first 2 weeks)
Ask for help – involve your sponsor/ mentor completely at every point of this process. Make calls together, meet people together, get them to deliver presentations, do the presentations with them watching, sign up people together and train the new people together.
Give before you receive – first you have to be prepared to give – time, money, products or effort.
When you are ready to fully immerse yourself and give something, you will see the results.
Be there for your new associates and customers – it is your responsibility to look after everybody you recruit into the business. You have the power to build their trust and belief and therefore commitment to the business, so do everything you can to help them. The more you give them, the quicker you will have a loyal downline that will work with you as a team.
Train – train yourself again every day. Be prepared to throw yourself into this business even when you don’t think you know enough, but keep learning every step of the way.
Train others – while we recruit people and sell products, the long-term success of our business stands and falls with our ability to inspire others, to train them and to coach them through the tough times.
Recruit with care – make sure you think carefully about who you put in the same downline. Ensure you create an even spread of skills, personality traits and types.
Keep focusing on the big picture – remember why you joined. Remind yourself all the time of the kind of organisation you wanted to grow and ensure that you are on track.
Take action – ensure you discipline yourself to take action every single day
Focus – Ensure you remain focused on your big goal and on the steps to take ach day. At the same time, release all expectations to approach every person and action with a truly open mind.

Motivation – what excites me:
Achieve abundance and balance in my life (health, wealth and happiness)
See the world
Live in different places in the world
Observe people and developing their abilities
Lead the team by serving the team members
Help people by encouraging them to open up to possibilities, showing the route to independence and demonstrating the power in it
Combine training others, teaching them, coaching them to take ownership of their own lives
Share and provide people with knowledge about health and wealth
Raise awareness of the power of prevention
Promote professional, ethical and environmental behaviour in business