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7 Myths About Nutritional Supplements – What’s Up, USANA?

Your best friend in the office swears the microwave is killing all the nutrients in her food.The big guy at the gym with bulging biceps and a t-shirt that says, “Real Men Lift” insists by his source: 7 Myths About Nutritional Supplements – What’s Up, USANA?


After Doubling Research Investment, USANA Announces New R&D Hires

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Photo: USANA’s research and development team (PRNewsFoto/USANA)

In the midst of ramping up its scientific research, USANA Health Sciences Inc. has announced three new additions to its research and development team.

The past year has seen the nutritional company double its investment in research, in pursuit of what it calls “precision health goals.” The latest round of hires includes Kevin Spelman, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Research and Development. Spelman, a 29-year veteran of the natural products industry, also serves as an Advisor for the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

“My mission, as Executive Vice President of the R&D department, is to continue in Dr. Myron Wentz’s footsteps and apply cutting-edge science to guide the production of the most advanced and efficacious products on the market,” said Spelman, whose research has focused on the molecular biology of brain and ovarian cancer, the immune system and chemical analysis…

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Are you managing to balance your dreams with your responsibilities?

A couple of days ago, Clay Lowe, Soulcruzer interviewed me for a Sound Portrait and asked about my passion and my goals in life.  If you want to know who I am, this will show you how I have managed to learn to balance my dreams with my responsibilities.

Here it is – check it out:
Sound Portrait

How about you?  Are you managing to balance your dreams and your responsibilities?  And if not, do you know what you can do about it?

I am in the process of preparing an email campaign you will be invited to subscribe to and in that, I will be sharing my tips how to create a future where your dreams ARE your reality.  I hope you will join me and we can share this journey together.

I will be in touch soon to let you know how you can use your time now to make 2015 the best year yet.

In the meantime, get in touch if you want to get the ball rolling quicker!

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Protect Yourself with Proper Skin Care

It’s cold outside. Which is good for winter activities, but bad for your skin. The constant temperature changes and blowing heat can quickly dry out your skin, leaving it dull and irritated.
As the weather cools down you need to refocus on your skin, which is why the American Academy of Dermatology has designated November as National Healthy Skin Month.
It may seem surface level, but skin care is more comprehensive than it appears. Your skin is your window to the outside world. As such, it is the first defense against germs and harsh elements.
Although your skin is tough, it has a lot to combat. Sun damage, pollution, bad diet, and stress cause your skin to age prematurely. And one in every three cancers diagnosed is a skin cancer, making it the most common form of cancer in the world.
Fortunately there are several things you can due to reduce the risks. By following these tips from leading dermatologist Regina Hamlin, M.D., you can help counteract environmental factors and keep your skin looking young and fresh:

  • Protect your skin—The sun can cause damage and premature aging, so cover up and avoid prolonged sun exposure. Also stay away from tanning beds, which can lead to melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.
  • Watch what you eat—A balanced diet, high in antioxidants, will help fight visible signs of aging.
  • Adequate Nutrition—Consuming the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids help your body and complexion maintain a healthy, youthful appearance.
  • Drink plenty of water—Your skin needs water to maintain a healthy glow. Just like a raisin, your skin shows it when you don’t get enough.
  • Proper skin care—Moisturize and cleanse your skin with paraben-free products that are free from added chemical preservatives.
  • Get a check-up—Be sure to get a skin cancer related check-up annually, and perform frequent self-exams to check for changing moles or lesions.
Taking care of your skin is a lifelong endeavor, but the results are worth it. By comforting your skin, you can be comfortable in your skin no matter the season!
There are a few options how to get the products delivered tailored to suit your budget and needs. To discuss the best and most cost-effective option for you, please contact me via
07747 035 208
Thanks so much.

The Opportunity in Adversity

By Mike Pniewski

Published on
Many of us recently saw when Brett Favre, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, played one of the greatest games of his career the Monday night after his father passed away. On the heels of one of the greatest tragedies anyone could face, he responded by playing an incredible game and leading his team to victory.

How does someone do that? For most of us, adversity is something that trips us up and sends us backward instead of pushing us forward to find the best in ourselves. Most people are fully over taken by the obstacle and do not see the opportunity that comes with adversity. Yes, I said opportunity.

Brett Favre could have very understandably sat out that Monday night game. No one would have blamed him after suffering such a terrible loss. Losing his father, who was also his high school football coach, would certainly drain the competitive fire needed to play an NFL game. But not in this case. Brett chose to deal with the tragedy not by sitting out, but by playing the game. By putting himself in the action, in the familiar setting of the sport that he and his father loved so much. By using the emotion of the moment in a positive way, we all got to witness man’s ability to triumph in the midst of a profound loss.

It’s not always easy to see, but each time we are faced with difficulty or challenge we have two choices. One is to succumb to the pain and frustration and let it emotionally drain us. Remove ourselves from our lives and be overcome with grief. We can even allow ourselves to be completely victimized by the circumstances and drop into a deep hole of depression that can sometimes take a Herculean effort to get out of.

Or we can rise to the moment and face it head on. We can choose to respond in a way that takes us forward and makes us better. Brett Favre chose to play for his father and for his teammates who relied on his commitment to them. And most importantly, his choice to play defined this moment in his life. The loss of his father, while painful to him and his family, is not the primary thing we will remember about this moment in time. We will forever remember his triumph over tragedy and the heroic effort he displayed on the football field.

Make no mistake, loss is painful. But we humans are not defined by what happens to us—we are defined by how we react to what happens to us. Once again, the actions we take are what create those defining moments in our lives.

Lance Armstrong was faced with a similar choice when he was diagnosed with cancer. By all accounts, he should have been dead. His cancer was so advanced that the doctors felt there was no chance. But he said, “Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.” He faced his disease head on and won; and has since won the Tour de France 5 consecutive times.

It is very hard to see the opportunity in the middle of adversity. The emotion and chaos that occurs can be blinding. But in striving to be the best we can be, we must commit to being our best in the most challenging situations. We must create a mindset that will not allow us to be victimized by what happens around us. We must be committed to keeping the control over how we will react to negative circumstances.

Those of us, who rise to these challenges, set an empowering example. They demonstrate that we are not the victims of our lives but rather the rulers, who have the ultimate power over our own destiny. All of us have the ability to take adversity and use it to our advantage, to better ourselves and the world around us. To create a legacy of courage and commitment that will last beyond our years.

It’s our choice—do we play the game to win or do we sit it out?

Author’s Bio:

Mike Pniewski is a successful actor who has appeared in projects like Out of Time, Runaway Jury, Remember the Titans, Law & Order, CSI:Miami and the Oscar winning short film Two Soldiers. Plus, hundreds of TV and radio commercials.

You can get a copy of Mike’s new book, When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw ’em Back! at

You can reach Mike through his website, or email him at

An Evening of Opportunity

Have you noticed the sun is beginning to come out? As spring is beginning and new life is appearing, do you find yourself looking for new opportunities?  

You might want to work on your looks – inside and outside. You might want to discover new ways to keep yourself healthy.

You might even be looking for ways to reinvent your whole self and include reviewing your professional life.

How about a whole new career? Or a part-time career?

All Your Life would like to invite you to an evening of opportunity – a chance for you to explore different approaches to your health, wellness and to your life. Come along for a chance to catch up with some old friends, make some new friends and find out about all the different things we can do to improve our quality of life. You may be looking to enhance your current business or wanting to return to the workplace.

All Your Life are giving you the chance to sample some of their finest and most enjoyable therapies for just £10! For one night only! Fish Pedicures, Manicures, Pedicures, Mini Facials, Eyebrow Threading, Makeup by Julian, Massage, Reiki and Reflexology. Booking of these treatments are essential and early booking is advised.

Our Guest – Sandra Kanfer Clarke, a wealth creation expert will spend 30 minutes showing you some different routes how to take your dreams and adjust your lives to make them a reality. She will look at the benefits and drawbacks of those methods and show you how she has chosen to collaborate with a company called USANA Health Sciences to make her dreams reality.

Sandra Kanfer Clarke has almost 20 years experience in the branding and marketing field. She started off learning from the largest and the best by working with big agencies and corporate’s, took that knowledge and applied it to the smallest and finest in their fields, showing small businesses and one-man-bands how they can gain more customers and retain those they have got.
She has always been extensively involved in researching market trends and directions and as a result, switched to showing people ways to wealth creation. She has a huge passion for health & sustainability and her vision is to “change the world to one where people ‘can do’ – a world where people take action to turn their dreams into reality, take charge of their own lives and feel in control and in charge of their destiny”.

This is a Ladies evening, a social gathering, a meeting of minds.

You are invited, so secure your treatment slot now:

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Don’t forget that treatments are just £10 on this night so book fast.

Feel free to come along on the night with some friends to simply discover our wonderful environment and enjoy a few drinks and an inspiring talk.

When:  Monday, 28 March 2011      18.00 – 21.00

Where:  All Your Life, Number One St. Margaret’s Terrace, Cheltenham

Please share this with anybody who might be interested and in the area.

Please help Japan via CHF

I am forwarding and sharing a message sent to Patti Roney from USANA and hope that as many of you as possible will contribute:

Hello Patti,

Like most people, I am stunned and concerned by the recent huge earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan.  Having friends in Sendai (as you and others may!) I am anxious and worried for those whom I cannot contact, but mostly eager to “do something” to help!  I am writing to you because of your ability to reach hundreds (thousands?) of people via email.

I have just been in contct with CHF about this.  Japan is not one of their usual countries to assist, but they ARE taking this on!!! They are working through various partners to contribute to disaster relief efforts and just changed their web site to include “Japan relief” as one of the choices for donation, under “disaster relief.”  With your huge network, can you PLEASE send out notification that CHF has just begun accepting donations earmarked for Japan, and could you please urge participants in Project Purpose, and other people in your huge email base to speed up their already planned CHF donations?

Thank you so much, Patti.   I know I can count on you!

Sincerely, Jo Vos
Usana Associate
Premium Platinum Pacesetter

Use your family to help you reach your goals

Courtesy of Alan Kerr, a USANA associate in Canada who referred to Brian Klemmer:

Several options to raise your level of intent for what you want, are:

1) making commitments

2) putting yourself at risk

3) visualization

Let’s go back to your goal as we consider making commitments.  Who have you shared your goals with?  If you haven’t told anyone, then the odds are you want the result, but it isn’t your intent.

If you have children, try this:
Make a commitment to them regarding what you will get done in two weeks.  Now ask them what they want when you get it done in two weeks.  Be sure to negotiate if they ask for something unreasonable!

Explain to them that the family is a team and that everyone has different roles.  Part of your role is to produce and part of their role is to be supportive of you.

If you’re like most parents, you would rather do many uncomfortable things than face your children at the end of two weeks and say, “You don’t get what I promised, because I didn’t get done what I said I would do.”

By committing to your children you have raised and clarified your intent.

Give it a go and share your results with us!

Nutritional Supplements – some of the science explained

I responded to Neil’s blog on his blogsite with the following:

Neil’s asked me to elaborate on his blog on Tuesday by explaining some of what I had discussed with him.

As Neil said, he is working his body very hard at the moment and I have the greatest respect for what he is doing. It’s not easy to push yourself to your physical limits and when you’re running a successful, vibrant business at the same time, you have to work incredibly hard physically, mentally and emotionally.

When our bodies are faced with stress, even if it is ‘healthy’ stress from hard exercise, free radical production increases. This means that we need to have a high intake of antioxidants to combat that free radical production.

The official recommendation is to ensure we have 3 – 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. That is in line with the ‘recommended daily allowance’, which is sufficient to ensure that we don’t develop deficiencies, such as Rickets. However, if we want to ensure that we protect our body against long-term chronic deterioration, which is by far the biggest problem we all face today, we need to massively increase our daily intake to the ‘optimum level’ (5 – 10 times the amount of the recommended daily allowance).

Do you eat 15 – 30 portions of fruit and vegetables a day? Probably not – I certainly don’t. Add in the loss of nutrients in the soil causing food not to have the same level of nutrients in it that they did 50/ 60 years ago and you can begin to understand why more and more experts recommend that a healthy lifestyle ought to include daily supplements of multi-vitamins and minerals.

And then we face another issue: when moving to high-dose supplements, we have to be careful to make sure we get good quality products. Vitamins and minerals can have a powerful impact on our bodies and to ensure what we do is genuinely helpful, we have to have the right balance of the individual ingredients, we have to ensure that the ingredients have as little contamination of metals etc. as possible and we have to ensure that the tablets are definitely going to dissolve in our bodies.

USANA Health Sciences, the company that manufacture the supplements that Neil has now decided to take, guarantee all of the above as they manufacture their products to the same standard as pharmaceutical drugs are manufactured. There are only one or two companies in the UK that are able to offer that. By manufacturing to such a high standard, they can guarantee the tablets will dissolve in your stomach in 30 minutes, they source the highest quality ingredients to ensure that they are as pure as possible and they have an extensive team of scientists continously researching to ensure that each vitamin and mineral used is provided in the right quantity and balance to achieve maximum results.

The benefits? Most people notice an increase in energy levels, sleeping better, better recovery times from injury and generally feeling more positive. So, as Neil said – no supplements can avoid him hitting that wall or needing to work hard to get to his goal – but we definitely hope that the USANA supplements will help Neil get to his goal with a little more energy.

If you would like more energy or if you want to achieve a goal like Neil, go to or ring me on 01451 832 206 and find out more.

Good luck Neil – keep peddling!